Have you lived in Bangalore for the past few years? If you have, then you’ve probably witnessed the fast expansion of the city into a modern technological hub. Bangalore is a city slowly approaching a 1st world look within its city limits.

With a 1st world look comes 1st world amenities. Bangalore is shifting from a traditionalist food culture, and more into a fast-food one. It is not uncommon for many people today to focus on ordering fast-food of foreign franchises, over the delicious and local food of India.

It’s all matter of convenience after all (but an unhealthy one at that)…

No One Has the Time to Cook Today.

Bangalore is India’s 5th largest city, and one of the busiest at that. The business and the development of a strong work culture in the city means that people lack time for basic domestic maintenance.

Basically, house roles of cooking, cleaning, and laundry are slowly being outsourced by Bangalore residents. Additionally, work hours have become longer, a trait of any city that expands into a busy urban lifestyle.

If you don’t have money to hire a cook (quite expensive), you’ll be stuck eating fast-food. Good luck getting your boss to approve of you cooking during work hours, unless it’s a cooking job you have.

As a result, Indians living in Bangalore today have the opportunity to experience beautiful local food less and less. They’re also eating unhealthy foods that ruin their bodies fast over time.

That’s a fatal combination for anyone who respects a healthy lifestyle.

What’s The Solution?

Your solution is to order local Indian food from a restaurant that cooks Indian dishes! It’s a swap out of the fast-food lifestyle, one that your health and taste buds will greatly appreciate.

We recommend you try Punjabi food in Bangalore. Punjabi food has one of the highest ingredient diversities of the multitude of Indian local foods. You get excellent tastes, and a variety of nutrients too!

For example, take a dish such as the chole bhature. It’s commonly seen as a perfect breakfast dish to start your body. It involves bread, and plate of spiced chickpeas to go along. It’s got a good load of carbohydrates, giving you a high energy start to your day.

We then get to lunch. Punjabi food’s signature dish is chicken tandoori. That would be the delicious orange and gold skewered meat you see on pictures! Consider that to be a perfect protein addition to help you on lunch time.

Punjabi culture is also notorious for producing and valuing dairy products. This is where your fat sources come from. Additionally, dairy products are good for your digestive system, due to their probiotic qualities.

Ordering Punjabi Food in Bangalore is the Healthiest Decision You Can Make.

Not only is Punjabi food tasty, but it is also healthy for you. We recommend you drop the horrible fast-food you’re eating, and start consuming local Punjabi food now!

You’re body’s health and energy levels will greatly appreciate the choice!