(1) Dhokla

I’ve always been of the opinion that poverty gives birth to creativity. This is the case with Healthy Indian food, a work of art in taste, looks, and experience.

You’d look at Dhokla and think it’s some kind of cake. It isn’t. It’s actually a vegan food like with most Indian foods.

Made from the batter of fermented rice and chick peas, it’s kind of like how pancakes are made, except that it now looks like a cake.And then you get another surprise. You’d think its lunch. It isn’t. It’s actually a snack.

I guess, you could say this is the Indian version of an afternoon cheese cake, right?

dhokla Receipe

(2) Khandvi

And here, we have another snack. Guajarati’s love their snacks, and you will too when your past-time is living in a hot climate

Yellowish to white like the Dhokla, this snack is made from flour and yoghurt.

This obviously being India, you get… spices! Turmeric is a common ingredient, and hey, you may get a green chili in there every now and then. It highly depends on who’s making it. Chutney, cheese, and ketchup are quite common in this dish two.

khandvi Recipe

It’s a little bite-sized though, so it’s not suitable for lunch. Just remember, it’s a snack. And it’s not a fridge snack too. This is best served hot, if you want the full experience of the ingredients.

(3) Thepla

At first glance, this dish looks like a pizza gone wrong. It isn’t. It’s just a highly flavored flat-bread.

Flavored not just with spices, but it’s got a ton of vegetables too (seriously, if you’re a vegan reading this, move to India). You’ll get ingredients like ginger-garlic and turmeric as spices, and fenugreek leaves as a little veggie addition.

Thepla Recipe

It doesn’t takelong to prepare too. Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite show. If you’re clocking in at 20minutes, then you’re slacking in the kitchen.

Just don’t forget that dip… it makes Thepla all that much better.


(4) Khichdi

And we’re back to rice. Except this time, it isn’t mushed to make a pancake. Its actual rice.

This dish has been known as far back as the mid-14th century… I have yet to know of dishes that have lasted that long in history.

Rice with all the veggie ingredients that you’d like to add to it. This is a dish you can highly customize to your tastes, with things like potatoes, peas, and cauliflower.

Khichdi Recipe

This dish is spiced up in Gujarat with cumin, curry, turmeric, and mustard seeds. This is why it’s yellow. Lentils are really common too in this dish.

It’s actually a staple dish there. Mainly because it isn’t a snack… people get tired with that after a while.


(5) Undhiyu

Saved the best for last. This is the regions specialty, the real deal meal… (That was a little corny).

But the dish isn’t. Sure, it’s got more vegetables than a grocery stall in it, but don’t expect corn.

The storm of legumes in this includes eggplants, bananas, yam, potatoes, chili peppers, green beans, and lentils. (You won’t get a recipe with that number of random vegetables).

Undhiyu Recipe

This thing is slow cooked with a little water, giving off a really delicious steamed veggie dish. And it gets an upgrade too in serving. You’ll find this dish mainly at weddings and festivals.

If you find it, fill your plate. It’s quite the cuisine on its own.