Busy city, busy life. Most people today don’t have the time to prepare their own meals. Even more so, most people have to rely on junk food to pass their day.

This is bound to cause a lot of problems in the long-run.

Healthy food requires time to cultivate. The same applies to cooked foods that require a mass of ingredients and time to cook.

Between the time commuting to work, actually working, and resting from exhaustion, I doubt that there’s much time left for the kitchen. You’ll need someone else to help you out with that.

The energy consequences of consuming low quality office food.

Office food is low quality simply because of its nature. It’s a form of fast-food that is prepared on the fly. Not only that, it is prepared for masses.

So the focus with the food here is purely on providing you energy. Screw the effects of the food on your body.

Consider the following as office food logic “It might kill you in the long-term, but at least you have energy to work, right?”

And even in the energy department, such foods fail horribly. By that I don’t mean that the foods are low energy. On the contrary, they’re very high energy.

And as you know, very high energy tends to affect the body negatively. Most fast-foods are made of simple carbohydrates, which in the short-term, may cause sugar crashes at work.

We’ve all experienced that lunch time slump, haven’t we?

The digestive consequences of consuming low quality office food.

High-carb screams insulin overload. This means anything from obesity, to diabetes. You’re killing your own system by consuming such foods.

You also get bowel irritabilities, stomach acids, and a ton of gases. Especially those gases (It’s not nice having them in your office chair, isn’t it?).

Your gut is called your second-brain by many in the field of neurology. There are billions of neurons connecting your brain to your gut.

So you really need to appreciate how important it is for you to keep a healthy gut, for better productivity.


The alternative to horrible food.

Here at Simply Home Food, we cook food for you! I really mean it.

It’s not fast-food that’s made with a horrendous amount of oil and frying. We have people standing in the kitchens, doing the job of cooking to help you out.

We also cook the most traditional of foods you can find in India. This means that all the natural ingredients of Indian culture (which have the opposite effect of fast-food), are going into your meal.

The spices we blend into the foods ensure you work without energy overloads and sugar crashes. We make sure that you do not suffer from stomach problems on duty, whether it be gasses or bloating.

And not only do we cook the food, we deliver it to you to! Our services extend around the clock. Even if you need food on a mid-night shift, Simply Home Food is at your service.

Try our cooking once, and I bet you’ll never ask your family to cook for you again (ha-ha)!