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Offered By: Shubham

Standard Veg MealBOX With ROTI Only (DINNER)

Monthly 24 days(No sunday) : 2,640.00

One Time : 119.00

Weekly (Weekdays-5-days) : 575.00

Weekly (6-days) : 690.00

Weekly (All Days) : 805.00

Monthly (Weekdays-20 meals) : 2,200.00

Monthly (All days) : 3,300.00

Our Standard Veg meal is a North Indian style cooked food loved by all home lovers.
This meal comes with 5 Phulkas/Rotis, with one balanced yellow dal & everyday changing veg. curry.
We complement this meal with Curd, Green Chutney & Salad.
Our veg. curry includes Aloo Gobi, Bhindi Fry, Rajma, Aloo Channa, Aloo Dum, Brinjal Curry, Chole and many more varieties.



A complete meal for lunch & dinner for homefood lovers.
This meal comes with 5 Phulkas/Rotis, with one balanced yellow dal & everyday new veg. curry.
We also serve Fresh Curd, Green Chutney & Salad along with the mea.l.

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I have been born and brought up in Patna,Bihar.Completed my graduation in Fashion Technology from NIFT Hyderabad.

As per the story of my life , I was inspired to North India & Hyderabadi cuisine. Twisting with these two , Have been motivated to cook which I am sure would lure the tastebuds of people love to have made In home meals.

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