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Pre Order before 9pm South Indian meal or Iyengar meals (Next day delivery)

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A healthy and tasty delightful meal for lunch. This meal is prepared according to Iyengar traditions with no Onion or Garlic added in it.


A tasty and healthy meal for lunch. No Onion or Garlic is added to these meals. The meal is prepared in Iyengar style.

The meal includes:
1. Rice
2. Sambar
3. Kosambari
4. Palya (1 type)
5. Mor Kozhambu or Vathal Kozhambu
6. Rasam or Shaathambdu (Variety will vary. Vepampoo or Neem flower rasam etc)
7. Pickle
8. Curd rice
9. Puliyotharai
10. Papad or vada
11. Kesari bath
12. Spiced Buttermilk.

All the items are neatly packed in spill proof boxes.

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A loving mother of two and a retired Central Government employee. My passion is cooking. Having cooked for over 30 years, I have a wish that every one should have easy access to our traditional dishes which are not only tasty but also healthy. But unfortunately due to busy routine and work, this has become almost an impossible task. But not anymore. I am here to serve you with traditional Iyengar food cooked with care and love. So try our dishes and rediscover our traditional Iyengar cuisine.

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