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Non-Veg Combo Meal(DINNER ONLY)

One Time : 156.00

Weekly (Weekdays-5-days) : 741.00

Weekly (All Days) : 1,038.00

Monthly (Weekdays-20 meals) : 2,184.00

Monthly (All days) : 3,386.00

Weekly (6-days) : 890.00

Monthly 24 days(No sunday) : 2,621.00

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Imagine for a while if you were a tiger, will your munch carrots? No right. You don’t eat non-veg out of liking, you eat it to survive. That is how you are. We would like to serve the carnivorous like you. Here in our kitchen, we procure fresh chicken/fish/egg in a rotation and prepare it for you throughout the week.

Check what is in the box.

3 Chapatis/Phulkas
A bowl of Chicken/Fish/Egg
A bowl of dry sabji/curry
A bowl of rice
A bowl of dal

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Posted on July 17, 2017 by Dinesh Kumar