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Mutton Curry Thali / Chicken Kasha Thali / Methi Chicken Thali ( Dinner Only )

Starts from 230.00

  • This meal of ours is a complete balanced diet offering adequate nutritents: Carbs, Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • We make our food fresh after you place the order & in homely style.
  • Delivery is on time, without fail.


Mutton Curry (2 pc) With Rice/Chapatis, Dal, Bhaji, Chutney
Chicken Kasha (4pc) With Rice/Chapatis, Dal, Bhaji, Chutney
Methi Chicken (4 pc) With Rice/Chapatis, Dal, Bhaji, Chutney

  • This is by far the most protein rich meal amongst our menu.
  • Chicken, Mutton, Methi, Dal are known to be the richest source of protein.
  • Those who are looking for extra rich protein food, you have come to the right meal.
  • Please add notes to specify the Option you choose.
  • Please place your order for Dinner before 5 pm, Delivery will be made by 9.30 pm.

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