Due to corporates daily orders not possible made off on 27th may 2018

Breakfast of the Day Pre Order by 9pm for Next Day Deliver


HomeMade Breakfast.Order by 9pm today to get next day delivery. Monday to Saturday.


1)Idly 5 (Sambar, chutney)
2)Dosa 4 (Sambar, chutney)
3)Bisi bele bath 250gm (Boondi, raitha)
4)Puliyogre 250gm (chips)
5)Tomato Rice 250 gm(raitha)
6)Pongal 250gm(Chutney, Sambar)
7)Veg Pulav 250gm(raitha)
8)Chappathi 4(kurma)
9)North Indian Roti 4 (dal)
10)Akki roti 2 (Chutney)
11)Puttu 1 (kadala curry)250gm +250gm

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Cooking is the best profession and it is my passion to cook. The present food industry is very commercial and just do not care about it’s customers. It is for sure if you eat in any restaurant you will feel heavy.

I love to serve good food so that people feel good and stay healthy and happy even if they are away from their mother.

This kitchen serves food cooked by mother with lots of love and care.

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