From filing papers and documents, to attending meetings and seminars and attending to other official duties, a typical worker in Bangalore hardly has time to get hold of freshly prepared homemade healthy food to eat during working hours. Bangalore also known as Bengaluru is one of the most densely populated and busiest city in India. It has many IT and other companies with numerous workers. There are lots of working professionals in this city that spends most of their time behind desk and are deprived the opportunity of eating healthy food during working hours. Also, most workers don’t like the idea of consuming junks and eating at a local restaurants or eatery because of hygiene and taste reasons. A Tiffin delivery service in this city is the best suggestion I know could solve this problem. A Tiffin service delivers homemade food to workers that orders for it. Apart from delivering healthy and delicious meals, it is also very lucrative.

What is Tiffin?

Wikipedia define Tiffin has a light midday meal that is home cooked, but when eaten has lunch, it is necessarily not regarded as a light meal. It often consists of rice, curry, vegetables, dal, or spicy meat. Tiffin is normally packaged in reusable lunchboxes termed as Tiffin boxes or just Tiffin. This Tiffin boxes are forwarded to Dabbawalas which transports and delivers to workers by bicycles or train. Tiffin boxes are also encoded for orderliness, to know where a box should be sent to and some other useful information.

Tips on how to start a Tiffin delivery service.

At this junction, I will enumerate some steps to take to start a full fledge Tiffin delivery service in Bangalore. Starting any business generally can be challenging, but once you follow the necessary steps, you are ready to be your own boss.

Start by following the legal procedures, state laws and regulations for owing a Tiffin business in Bangalore. Get the license and permit, fill paper works, and other administrative things attached to it.

Create an attractive website that will express your ideas and concepts. The website should contain Contact information (phone number, email and so on). It should contain the list of your meals, payment options and instruction. You can even take it to the next level by creating a mobile application for easy access to the customers.

Advertise your Tiffin service. This can be done on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c). You can also make well illustrated flyers and posters; on-air advert is also a good option. No matter how high the quality of your food, it is of no use if it is not known.

Quality and speed are also necessary criteria in Tiffin service. Make sure the deliveries are hot, fresh and without delay. You can achieve this by hiring more cooks if you are the only one involved initially. Hire fast drivers with geographical knowledge of Bangalore. Make sure your packages are neat and very hygienic. You want to attract customers, not send them away; therefore presentation is of utmost importance.