90% of people who go on diets fail. This is a fact, and an unfortunate one at that.

You see, it’s not a problem of the diet itself. It’s an issue more related to the psychology of the dieter, and how the approach healthy foods. The way a dieter perceives a system of healthy foods leads them to fitness failure.

We’re going to be discussing such negative perceptions below.

Dieting: The Get Results Quick Mindset.

We live in a fast-paced society, where everyone is expected to deliver results as fast as possible. You’ve got the lose weight fast mindsets. You’ve got the get rich fast mindsets. You’ve got the first person to finish mindsets, and a lot more.

Unfortunately, dieting is not something you succeed at by getting results as fast as possible. You only do so through a slow process of losing weight, while respecting your body’s nutritional needs.

It’s a slow process that requires commitment.

This applies to all the two levels of dieting, being exercise and food. You can’t be 300 pounds and decide to run a triathlon all of a sudden. Your body will not be able to handle something like that. You could collapse from injuries or exhaustions soon, giving up.

The same thing applies to healthy foods. You cannot switch out of a fast-food diet into a fully organic meal system. If you switch to healthy foods all of a sudden, you risk putting your body into an energy shock.

You will be exhausted and deprived of energy. You will not be able to live and function normally.

Shifting to a Healthy Food System.

The shift to a healthy food system must be slow. In this article, we’ll give you a few starting shifts you can do for a healthier eating system.

To start, you must cut simple carbohydrates out of your diet. If your food is heavy on wheat products, reduce your consumption of that as much as possible. This applies especially to breads.

You can switch from a bread-based diet to a rice and potatoes based one. Look at Asian people as an example, whose diets are notorious for copious rice consumption. Asians are stereotyped to be thin. It is a result of that food system which does not focus on bread and what products.

You’ll still be consuming carbohydrates too, but at much lower intensities than what you get with bread.

The second thing you need to do is differentiate your protein sources. Your main sources of protein are chicken, beef, pork, and liver.

Of the previous sources, beef and pork have the highest calorie counts, while chicken and liver have the lowest. We recommend you reduce beef and pork from your dieting system, eating liver and chicken instead.

Thirdly, you need to get healthy fat sources. Stop using synthetic oils for cooking, and rely more on natural dairy sources. Butter, ghee, and olive oil are excellent sources of fat for consumption.

That’s all!

Beyond that, we recommend taking multivitamin supplements. When going on a diet, you need to keep your body healthy and the best shape. Feeding your body with nutrition will aid you with that process!