Become a Chef

Become a Chef

What being a chef means!

An Entrepreneur

You become and entrepreneur with no rules attached. There is no limit to how many you sell and how much you earn.

A Pride and Hope

You are a pride and hope to millions of people who stay away from their native place and miss their favourite cuisine.


You grow financially. You grow in reputation. You do what you love. No one tells you what to do.

Healthy Food

Every Indian citizen is now becoming more and more health conscious. Help them.

Timely Settlement

Payments are settled every Sunday. No waiting, no followup required. We just settle it.

Leave Any Time

No strings attached. You can turn off your kitchen temporarily and permanent also. Just turn on vacation mode and enjoy your vacation. Wanna quit? Just delete your kitchen and you are off.

Message from our Chefs

(AR Home Food)

Its been exciting journey since last 6 months. A wonderful growth. Good job SHF Team

Ankita & Rupali
(Paushtik Pakwaan)

Well, we both are handling this kitchen. Its a matter of pride and self employment.

(Poached & Peppered)

SHF is a simple and flexible platform. I could create my kitchen in 5 min, then next day I got it approved and went live.

Frequently asked questions

1)What  is SimplyHomeFood? Why should i Join as A Home Chef?

SimplyHomeFood is an Online Platform connecting and promoting home chefs of Bangalore.

You can give your home prepared food to customers who are looking for home made food and also you can achieve your passion or cooking skills.

Who CAN join SimplyHomeFood?

Homemakers, Ladies, Chefs who are passionate about cooking and loves to cook food and serve people.

 2)Is there any charges to Join As a Home Chef?

No, There is no charges to join as a home chef. It is absolutely free to join.

3)What details required to register?

It is free to register with basic details like Chef Name, Kitchen Name, Full Address, Contact Number, Email Id. Once these information are filled in the Become a Chef Now link enter your email address click on apply to be a vendor click on i accept the terms and conditions and register.

It takes you to the next page where you fill in the above details and save it. Once done it comes for an approval. Once we approve you can login using your gmail id and password and go to chefs dashboard and add products and save changes it comes for approval. Once we approve it will be live on website.

3)What options available to a home chef?

You can select the days of working, booking time for accepting orders(ie . before how many hours you should get the order for breakfast lunch dinner).

4)What if i am not available for one time or a day or on holiday?

You have an option to make your kitchen off by going to your dashboard in kitchen settings enable vacation message and enter the message and save it. Your dishes will not be visible on website for customers to place order. You can make it on once you are back.

5) Does SimplyHomeFood Support Packing?

No we dont support packing currently.

If future we support you will be notified.

But we suggest you to go with individual

Compartment tray packing and containers

Accordingly depending on the menu.

6) What is the benefit for SimplyHomeFood if i register as a Home Chef and get orders whats the benefit is there any charges.

Though we dont take any registration fees to join register update. We do charge once you start getting orders per meal basis minimum 10rs or 10% if the order value is above 100rs.

7) Are the charges not high 10rs or 10% per meal basis?

No our charges our very reasonable and we dont charge anything in the beginning to join like other platforms.

8) Do i get minimum number of orders per day?

Once we add any new chef on our website our marketing team does marketing for their dishes prices and areas of delivery and we also notify our current customers about the same.

However, we would not be ableto assure for minimum number of orders for the day. We are striving for subscription customers and orders will increase in a period of time of joining depending on the location.

6) What kind of marketing does SIMPLYHOMEFOOD do to get orders to chefs?

We do all ways of marketing and it is taken care by the marketing team.

7) Will i get only subscription customers who will take food regularly on daily basis?

We are striving for subscription customers this is an online platform though the concept of home chefs and home made food. We can get customers who would not know what is simplyhomefood and they dont want to know just because they found on google search etc for ordering food. So these kind of customers can become a regular customer if they dont have a requirement on daily basis also. They will definitely come back to take the same food which they took previously if the quality quantity and taste is good. So these customers can become a regular customer.

8) Is payment online or cash on delivery, will it be done on daily basis.

There are 2 modes of payment for a customer when they place order online and cash on delivery. If its an online payment it gets credited to simplyhomefood account and we do a weekly payment on every sunday night by deducting our charges which will get credited on the working day monday.

If it is cash on delivery, your delivery person can collect it when they deliver food.

If we support delivery, there cannot be cash on delivery only online payment.

9) How do i add the delivery areas?

In chef dashboard go to delivery areas and add delivery areas one by one after entering and it gets selected in the map.

10) What if i get orders beyond the delivery location?

Our system has a radius facility and also which areas you add only those areas you will get an order from and within a radius of 2 to 3kms only from each location. If it is not in your delivery range, we would cancel it.

11) If i have any queries how do i connect is simplyhomefood support 24/7?

Yes we try our best to be 24/7 but still at times we wont be able to answer to the calls or reply to emails all the time. Depends upon the executive available calls can be answered and mail will be replied.

Call on this number 08030072372 9am to 9pm and email us on anytime. We will reply to your mail asap or max within 24hours.

12) Does Chef has to Deliver?

We are looking for Chefs who can do delivery.

13) Does  SimplyHomeFood provide Delivery support?

Subject to Condition we can support.

14) I am Interested. How do i Register as a Home Chef?

Use the below link to register as a home chef

As shown above under register enter your gmail id and click on apply to become a vendor and click on i have ready and accepted the terms and conditions and click on Register.

It takes you to the next page as shown below which asks you to fill the form like your kitchen name store description, seller info, phone number, address, city, state,pincode and then click on apply to be vendor as shown below in the 3rd image.

Once done. It shows a page where it will show

Your application has been received. You will be notified by email the results of your application.

Then you can log out.

Once we approve it you can start adding dishes.

15) What  is meant by approval? What is the process?

Our team will verify your details and contact you to have a confirmation call to understand about you and it will be approved.

16) How to add dishes?

Once your kitchen is approved you will be getting a notification. Then you can login using your gmail id and your gmail password using the below link.

Once logged in.

You will see the below screenshot and click on Chef’s Dashboard

Once you  click on Chef Dashboard you can see the below screenshot


Then Click on Add Products you can fill in the details as shown in the below images.

The details like product name ex Pre Order Before 9pm Breakfast of the day Next Day Delivery

Product Description Contents of the menu with quantity etc

Short Description

Categories tick mark for the style of cooking the dish

Sale start time and cut off time

Start time should be always 00:01 and cut off time should be the time you want to get orders upto what time.

Days of working you can tickmark

Tags it is a dropdown menu you can choose your packing mode.

Featured image and Gallery.

First upload from Gallery from your phone or system and set product image.

Diet veg or non veg select accordingly.

Meal choose whether it is available anytime, breakfast lunch dinner accordingly.


One time price upto monthly all days.


Once you filled in everything save draft and drop a mail to that you have drafted to check and confirm to add further dishes or you can call on the concerned person who had guided you from SHF.

We will check and let you know by call or email what changes to be done  or not. If everything is fine. We will let you know to add product after filling in instead of save draft so the dish comes for approval. We check and approve it.

Frequent changes not accepted and everytime any changes made it comes for approval.

17) How long does it take to approve my kitchen if i register?

Within 24 hours we will approve. You can also call us on 08030072372 to let us know that you have created the kitchen and it has to be approved or you can drop us a mail to so it can happen soon so that the verification can happen over the call or you will get a call accordingly for the kitchen to be approved.

18) How long does it take to approve dishes?

Within 24hours we will approve. You can do the same process as above.

However we are expecting the chefs to have limited dishes.

19) How to add Delivery Areas?

There is an option for Delivery Area as seen below. Click on it.

Once you start typing location it will show a drop down of areas select the correct one and it will show in the map as shown above then click on add delivery area.

Once done you will see the below screenshot that its added towards the right. If the location is wrong you have an option to delete.


Go to Kitchen Settings

Go to Payment option and update your account number and ifsc code and save changes.

There is an option Enable Vacation Mode you can use that option when your kitchen is off for a day or couple of days and write a message why its off and when it will be ON and save.

If done your dishes will not be visible on website and customers cannot place orders for your dish.

Hope we have answered your questions and answers.