Become a Chef

Become a Chef

What being a chef means!

An Entrepreneur

You become and entrepreneur with no rules attached. There is no limit to how many you sell and how much you earn.

A Pride and Hope

You are a pride and hope to millions of people who stay away from their native place and miss their favourite cuisine.


You grow financially. You grow in reputation. You do what you love. No one tells you what to do.

Healthy Food

Every Indian citizen is now becoming more and more health conscious. Help them.

Timely Settlement

Payments are settled every Sunday. No waiting, no followup required. We just settle it.

Leave Any Time

No strings attached. You can turn off your kitchen temporarily and permanent also. Just turn on vacation mode and enjoy your vacation. Wanna quit? Just delete your kitchen and you are off.

Message from our Chefs

(AR Home Food)

Its been exciting journey since last 6 months. A wonderful growth. Good job SHF Team

Ankita & Rupali
(Paushtik Pakwaan)

Well, we both are handling this kitchen. Its a matter of pride and self employment.

(Poached & Peppered)

SHF is a simple and flexible platform. I could create my kitchen in 5 min, then next day I got it approved and went live.